Interstate Renewable Energy Council





Guiding Principles for Shared Renewable Energy Programs

IREC’s set of principles can assist in the development and refinement of shared renewable energy programs.

Shared Renewables Policy Catalog

The catalog lists all state shared renewables programs, detailing all major program rules and provisions.


Model Rules for Shared Renewable Energy Programs

IREC’s Model Rules are intended to assist stakeholders in developing shared renewables programs that expand renewable energy access to more consumers.

Informational Webinar

On May 19, 2017, IREC hosted a webinar on the Scorecard. Download the slide deck [PDF] and listen to the archived video to get more details on the Scorecard.

Shared Renewable Energy for Low- to Moderate-Income Consumers: Guidelines and Model Provisions

IREC’s LMI Guidelines provide additional information to stakeholders to support the adoption and implementation of shared renewables programs designed to benefit low- to moderate-income consumers.